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We are your online source for Classifieds, parts, and where to find them. It is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire pilot doors, rear passenger doors that conform to all models, some were fiberglass and others Royalite. They were custom made, fabricated individually, and in some cases, tailor made. So getting a good fit is imperative. Gear legs, Slats, Tomahawks, roller bearings and bumpers are also increasingly difficult to find. We will make every attempt to find quality items. There were by all accounts 526 Helio's built, but that number may actually be higher. For now this is the total we will use.

The World's premiere Short-field airplane certified in June of 1954, has not been built since 1984. We will address the aging aircraft syndrome as it applies to your particular Helio.  H-391B, H-395, H-395A, H-250 H-295, HT-295 and 800/700 models. We will include the Helio Stallion HST-550/550A as a reference. If there is something we can help with, please e-mail us.

Our publication The STOL Report will be published 4 times a year. There is a Member fee of $35/yearly for Owners and Pilots, and for everyone else it is $45/year. This is to cover the cost of publication of our newsletter, the website is available to everyone. You are also invited to join EAA Vintage Airplane Association for there you will have access to more than just Helio.


GO-IGO-GSO-IGSO-480%20Oper%20Manual%2060297-14[1] (pdf)


Helio-Courier-Pilots-manual-POH[1] (pdf)